ARISS 87 : Contact replanifié le 19 mars

Fiche_19marsÇa y est, le message vient de tomber. Le contact avec Samantha Cristoforetti aura lieu le 19 mars en début de matinée.

C’est parti pour la dernière ligne droite.

Collège Paul Langevin, Saint Junien, France, direct via F8KFZ/P and Ecole “La Malmaison”, Rueil-Malmaison, France, direct via F6KFA/p

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be IRØISS

The scheduled astronaut is Samantha Cristoforetti IZØUDF

Contact is a go for: Thu 2015-03-19 08:17:56 UTC (***)


Proposed questions generated by the Collège Paul Langevin and Ecole “La Malmaison” students:


  1. How long does it take you to acclimatise to life in the space station?
  2. How do you spend your leisure time during your stay in the space station?
  3. Did you bring a personal object with you in the ISS?
  4. Are you running Common experiences, or separated experiences in different laboratories per countries?
  5. What do you eat?
  6. How long have you been in space?
  7. What is your feeling in zero-gravity?
  8. Could we send an astronaut having a physical handicap in the ISS?
  9. What is the most beautiful thing that you have seen in space?
  10. Do you have a safety capsule to return to Earth with, in an emergency?
  11. Are you anxious of not being able to return on earth?
  12. How to become an astronaut? What studies did you follow?
  13. Do you speak to your family often?
  14. How do you brush your teeth?
  15. We were told that you could not walk after returning to earth: How long does it take to be able to walk again normally?
  16. How often do you proceed to a health check in the ISS?
  17. What made you deciding to become an astronaut?
  18. I was told that the ISS will stop activities in 2017: Is it true? If yes, is there another Space station in construction?
  19. What is the greatest danger in the space?
  20. What experiences are you doing presently?
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